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The best Italian food has a simple, rustic character, crafted from incredibly fresh local ingredients. Hand-made pasta. Produce straight from the garden. Unforgettable artisanal cheeses. It’s all made from local family recipes at hilltop family farms, just up the road

in the sun-blessed countryside.

Fresh, organic taste finds its way into almost every bowl of pasta. Imported Italian ingredients - San Marzano tomatoes, Grana Padano cheese

and San Daniele Proscuitto are used to perfect that authentic Italian flavour. 

Our pastas are hand made right here at the Lodge, and include perfect standards like Bolognese and Pomodoro alongside bold new dishes like Rabbit Satlimbocca, Pork Braciola and Lobster Tagliatelle.



By Phone:  780 852-6091




Currently closed.


Currently closed.

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in restaurant operations visit

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